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"Modern Asian Mother" of 5 amazing kids.

I love being a mom today but that was NOT how I started out. Frustration and angry shouts were the norm till I decided that was NOT how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Love and laughter are daily experiences today, even amongst the younger kids. 

What started out as a desire to connect with my kids has since led to a combination of strategies and techniques so powerful that results are not just transformational, but permanent.

My passion is to heal relationships globally - within and without. 

Junia Tan

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Cindy Lam, Pre-School Teacher

" Being a pre-school teacher, I know how important culture is. A positive environment will result in confident vocal kids who enjoy school. Personally, I think parents’ struggle is to control their frustrations. This course empowers parents to do just that. Very succinct and practical tips that changes parenting paradigms."


Mr T. L Phua, CEO

Junia really nailed it with my children. I could never quite connect with my kids. Overnight, my authoritarian way & expectations literally disappeared. I am now free to discover who they uniquely are. Effectively connected with my son powerfully. Must do for all Asian dads! 

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Mdm Stephanie, SAHM

"My daughter actually does what I ask her to do now! With less power struggle, learning is actually an enjoyable experience for us both! Highly recommended for all parents who are tired of ‘forcing’ their kids to study. This is amazing!"

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