Delightful Morning Routine

I would awake to cries or arguments every morning. Tempers were short every dawn as the kids rushed to prepare for school. I avoided the entire battlefield by staying in bed. My excuse was that I was nursing my toddler. The 3 older girls were to ‘fend for themselves’ every morning, while the husband took ‘refuge’ in the toilet.

Yet, I decided that it was crazy to start every morning negatively and came up with a plan to transform our mornings. In less than 5 days, my sleepy, grumpy, angry monsters were smiling, excited & happy angels.

The miracle started with one - and you can be that one for your family! I sat myself down and came up with a gameplan. If 30-mins every morning would set the tone for the entire day, what was important?

A) Health – look after ourselves Physically

B) Productivity – Mentally alert and fulfilling on things that are truly important.

C) Joy – Emotions to be Delightful

My Action plan :

  1. Got them to choose 2 songs each (the night before) and created a playlist.

  2. Told them things were going to change with the option of morning stretches and water detox with me.

  3. Asked them what is something that makes them happy.

The 1st morning… things didn’t go as planned!

I forgot to set my alarm, so I only struggled to walked out at sight that it was 6.15am. Mentally consoling myself, I quickly drank my lemon water and prepared 3 flavours for the girls – grapefruit, lime and lemon.

The toddler was clinging to me the whole time (even when I was ON the toilet bowl) trying to pee. He was crying. I knew that was NOT the first sound I wanted the girls to wake up to. I wanted a positive start! Called for reinforcement - Thrusting the toddler to a semi-woken husband, I told him to take ‘baby’ out as I woke the girls.

Instead of my usual impatience, I gently carried my 7year old lovingly outside. Went back into the room and half-supported the 9year-old as she meandered to the living room. The 4year-old came out upset cause she thought I forgot about her! Husband started the music and I was expecting it to somehow jolt them up.

Nothing happened. All 3 laid on the couch, semi-sleeping.

Undaunted, I got the eldest to try 3 different glasses of flavoured (essential oils) water and pick her favourite. She reluctantly took a sip (but she tried!) We then started our morning stretch. Nudging the other 2, I told them we were starting with our morning stretches. They ignored me!

We started with our heads, and eldest decided she didn’t want to continue…

So, I improvised! Changed it to a plank (She’ll told me the night before that she wanted to strengthen her core). As we counted together.. a smile started to break across our faces.

I 'walked-danced' number 2 to the toilet and told her to finish a ‘task’ before the song was over.. Meanwhile, number 3 changed herself. The song was over, they looked more awake. Got each of them to drink water to flush body’s toxins from overnight repairs out. 1st good habit started!

With encouragements of how well they were doing (it would have been frustrated commands in the past), I tied number 3's hair. Only 1 answered “What made them happy”, the other 3 just glared at me.. “like seriously mom.. at this hour?”

6.59am – all 3 left the house for school. Actually smiling as I gave each a hug with “I love you (Name) You have a Fabulous day.”

I LOVE being a MOM. I love that life is a journey and I get to bring the entire troop with me as we make memories together…

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