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“Too honest. Too brutally authentic. So refreshing! This book is going to be a game-changer for parents! You cannot un-see what you now see. A marvellous book every parent should get.” Sameera Nath, Entrepreneur

"A very interesting way to start the book! I like how honest and simple the book opens my mind to be myself. The thoughtful activities for self re-evaluation are so insightful. Definitely more than a parenting book.” Cindy Lam, ex-preschool teacher

“Every once in a while, a book comes along that opens the door to the future. The Naked Parent had that effect on me. This is a must read for the New Millennium.” Augustine Neville, Trader

“It is amazing how one thought, one perspective, one action and one word opens a whole new realm in the parenting experience. It is so simple and easily applicable, yet mastery of each topic expands to impact every aspect of life. I will continue to re-read the principles because they hold so much truth.” Limetoli, Manager

“I have read many parenting books and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is honest, intriguing and captivating. Highly recommended for all parents.” Sharon Ang, Director

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"The book is delightfully peppered with true stories, reflection points, activities & quizzes. Grab the physical copy to savor each page. Every parent should have one to  customize  as their own."

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Meet Junia Tan 

Author, Entrepreneur, Parent Coach, 

Motivational Speaker

I'm "Modern Asian Mother" of 5 amazing kids.

I love being a mom today but that was NOT how I started out. Frustration and angry shouts were the norm till I decided that was NOT how I wanted to live the rest of my life.

Love and laughter are daily experiences today, even amongst the younger kids. 

What started out as a desire to connect with my kids has since led to a combination of strategies and techniques so powerful that results are not just transformational, but permanent.

My passion is to heal relationships globally - within and without. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall

From my Blog..

All relationships start with a connection.

And so, I write to connect.

With myself and to you.

To transform relationships.

One at a time. To the heartbeat of love.